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Steven GutierrezExploring the role of Technology in Nature and Society
I try to live my life in keeping with a common Tibetan saying: “We are all connected”. Thus I strive, as a teacher and an artist, to try to make a positive impact in my actions. Professionally, this involves creating work influenced by social and environmental issues. My current artwork focuses on human interdependence with nature, and explores the possibility of a more beneficial symbiotic relationship.

Steven Gutierrez is an artist, engineer, and educator interested in the intersection of art, technology and the environment.  His work has been primarily focused on social and environmental issues.  His current research is directed towards finding how technology may be used to help life rather than to destroy it. 

He loves teaching, and feels it is a natural extension of his desire to reach out to others and inspire change.  Steven has been teaching college level courses in Interactive Art, New Media and Computer Graphics for 17 years.  You can also find him at the Maker Faire Cleveland and similar events offering workshops to kids interested in art and technology.

His range of skills includes: digital imaging, interactive media, 3D modeling, animation, web authoring, robotics, electronics and installation. His breadth of knowledge has expanded thanks to the opportunities at the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) where he worked with dancers, actors, computer scientists, and musicians on interdisciplinary projects.

Steven has been in numerous shows including the Lancaster Arts Festival where he received a residency and commission to produce new work focused on ideas of sustainability and consumption. This has led to lectures outside the art field, including a talk on Ethical Consumption in the Department of Consumer Sciences at OSU.  More recently, he completed a public art project titled “Solar Night” which won first place at the first International Solar Festival in 2013, an interactive Surreal Dress that won first place at the Cleveland Museum of Art Fashion Show, and an Interactive Musical Sculpture for a large Malaysian art festival.

Other interests and investigations:
Digital Performance
Game Design
Educational Digital Media (including Serious Games)
Religious Studies (emphasis on Asian Religions)

Article on art and technology:

Although I am currently focused on digital art and public art commissions, I also love working on various design projects including:
-Educational Exhibits (science and nature themed)
-Playgrounds/Tree houses/Play towers
-Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (AR/VR)


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