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Projection Dress

DRACO (Dragon Constellation)
RainJanuary 2012 marks the start of the Year of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar. Once again, St Clair Superior Development Corporation will install numerous fiberglass sculptures -- this year, dragons -- featuring unique designs created by Northeast Ohio artists and organizations. The Dragons will be placed outside Cleveland businesses this spring and will be auctioned off next fall.

The celebration of the Lunar Chinese year made me think about the moon and therefore the universe. Since stars are a personal love of mine, it was a natural next step to consider creating a project based on one of the more popular constellations called Draco. In addition, I feel public art is a vehicle to educate people on a subject that an artist is passionate about.  In this case, the constellation will be an accurate representation of the stars in this region, and will demonstrate the beauty of stars.

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