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Pixyl Fountain

Pixyl Fountain
(a.k.a. Pixylophone)
From Press:
This month-long interactive art installation (in Malaysia) invites visitors to play music on its motion-sensitive pads or simply stand back and watch as the fountain plays its own music, while the LED electronics create a stunning visual display, which features digital rainbows, spheres imitating rain, and light clouds that pulse to the beat of the music. A fountain fit for the future, this hi-tech audio-visual will captivate audiences of all ages, enticing them to play a part in its captivating magic.

Pixyl Fountain PosterAmerican interactive artist Steven Gutierrez has always been fascinated by electronics and music. He conceived this digitally controlled fountain as a way to connect these passions with his desire to create artworks that encourage public participation while also providing an aesthetically exciting visual. A common symbol for public art, the fountain seemed to be the perfect object to re-design for a new, thoroughly modern age.  

Pixylophone is a new hi-tech audio-visual digitally controlled fountain inspired by my desire to be a public artist.  Fountains have long been a symbol for public art, but I wanted to go beyond the standard model and incorporate my love of electronics (including LEDs), and music into this sculpture.  Furthermore, the happiness that comes from seeing clouds and rainbows should be evident.

Pixyl Fountain Action

Pixel Fountain in Action
(Video contains sound)

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