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Projection Dress

Do Not Sit on This Bench
(a.k.a. Solar Bench)Rain
Bench (representing leaf) will light on and off (LEDs) exactly 12 hours during the night based on humans who sat (and blocked energy collection) on the bench during the 12-hour day.

Everything I do impacts those around me, either positively or negatively. My solar bench comments on the relationship between humans and nature. Like the cells of the leaf that inspired this design, the solar bench receives sunlight and converts it to energy. The bench uses a micro-controller inside the sculpture to record the duration of time people sat on the bench during the day, thus blocking the energy collecting process of the solar panel. Then, at night, the day’s energy powers a light show that mirrors the day’s disruption in the energy collection. By sitting on the bench (representing nature), the person gets to rest, but at a price that nature unfortunately has to pay.

Projection Dress

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