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Projection Dress

Solar Night
RainImagine a place where visitors can go to dance and walk…a place to sit and relax and enjoy the day.  A place of light, of art, and of comfort where the art comes alive with whimsical light colors emanating from the main sculpture. A smart work that records your movement around the piece.  Solar Night is designed with these main goals in mind.

The sculpture will invite people to frolic within the beams, and admire the solar inspired pattern on the ground during the day.  In addition, sensors will record the “dancers/ walkers" movements during the day.  This will record the elaborate light show that they create.  At night, the sun will light up so that the piece can continue to be enjoyed and the power of solar energy can be displayed.  The beams around the sculpture will also light up, but these will shine different colors with flickering variations using the earlier choreography of the day’s participants.  No two light shows will be the same!

Press and about the Event
The Fall In…Art and Sol Festival is pleased to announce the shortlist of the Open Call winners:
Steven Gutierrez was selected FIRST place for this groundbreaking festival featuring solar art sculptures. “As someone who loves working at the intersection of art and ecology, this is a great honor. “

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