Zoom picture

Please view the piece before reading this paragraph, otherwise it will spoil the whole thing for you

"Zoom" is an interactive Flash piece dealing with scale, both atomic and universal. I have found many strange and interesting relations between objects on both ends of the spectrum and I wanted to portray those relations in this piece. I have found the proton/neutron/electron orbiting relationship to be very similar to the sun/planets orbiting relationship. If you look at the ratio of the size of the solar system, to the size of a human and then look at the ratio of the size of a human in relation to the size of the atom, they are quite similar:

10^11 : 1 : 10 ^-11

Solar System : Human : Atom

This then poses the question, "Does this orbiting relationship then just repeat again and again to an infinite largeness and smallness?"

I don’t know. But I think its possible, and I think there is a real possibility for an infinite small. Scientists talk about how the universe is infinite, an infinitely large entity (if you can then call it an entity). In this case there must then be an infinite small. If you can go infinitely far out into space, why cant you venture infinitely far into everything that is in that infinite universe? The ancient Greeks used to say that to get somewhere you must first go half way there, and then go half way again, and then again and again... making it impossible to theoretically get somewhere. This relates to the infinite small. To find the infinitely small you must first find something half as big as a human, then zoom in to something half as small as that, then half as small as that again and again etc...

If you can see it, if it is a physical object, then it has space and is therefore made of something. Objects are not made of themselves. If you zoom in on any object you will find it is made something. An object cannot exist in physical space without being made of something and having some sort of volume.

I want the piece to illustrate this never-ending search for an infinite small and how it is impossible to find. The Flash begins with a man reading. It then zooms in on his and zooms further and further to the atomic level. It then merges into the universal level and begins zooming in on earth without telling the viewer. The viewer thinks they are still just zooming in farther past the atomic scale, but instead they end up back at the man reading and the continual zooming never stops.