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History: Genesis of an Urban Shinobi

Emilee was born in the 60th year of the Showa Era in a small village at the foot of the mountain Fuji. The exact location of said village is unknown, as it is the home of a greatly renown clan of ninja. Strength. Speed. Cunning. All are valuable traits of a great ninja, and all were exhibited by Emilee from an early age. Showing great promise, she was trained in the arts of the shadow warrior - she was to be a ninja.

Through years of hard work and much natural talent, Emilee rose to the challenge and became a great ninja. However, the quiet village life and repetitive nature of serving the same feudal lords grew to be too tedious for Emilee. She decided that she needed more action and a change of scenery. It was high time to try the fast-paced life of city living. Leaving behind everything she knew, she packed up and moved to Columbus, Ohio.

Although difficult at first, Emilee has finally made the transition from rural shinobi to urban ninja. More and more clientele have been employing her and she has learned to adapt her many skills to fit the city lifestyle. She hopes to expand her business in the near future. When she is not acting as an agent of darkness, she attends class at a local university to build up her knowledge. She also enjoys the arts of tea ceremony, zen gardening, and water polo.