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How to Order Using Website

01. Please read the Services section of the website carefully. Decide on what services you would like to purchase.

02. E-Mail Emilee with what you have in mind. Note: You may request multiple services in one e-mail. No job is too large!

03. Within 48 hours you will receive a reply from Emilee. It will have a quote for the tasks you have requested. It will also contain information on how to go about payment.

04. Send in the payment, and within 24 hours your task will be completed.

A Note on Payment
Emilee accepts the following forms of payment:
- Paypal
- Cash
- Money order
- Personal check
- Major credit cards (COMING SOON)
(On bounced checks. Do you know what a kunai to the back feels like? If your check bounces, you'll find out. We guarantee.)

Express Tasks
Simply call 614-NJA-HELP, and Emilee will respond. Note: Express rates depend on time of day and number of credit hours Emilee is taking. Payment will be expected upon completion of task.