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Services: Ninja Do It Silently
Sneaking Sneaking

Need a message delivered quickly after bedtime? Need to know exactly what's going on in your neighbor's yard at midnight? Stealth, speed, and no fear of the dark. Emilee will ninja in the night with no questions asked.

Estimate: $20/hour between hours of 9PM-6AM

Random Property Damage

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be quiet. This ninja is willing to break whatever it is that you need broken. With powerful kicks and punches, Emilee has mastered the art of taijutsu and is ready to show her stuff.

Estimate: $10/hour

Property Damage

Lock-Picking Lock-Picking

That door locked? Don't kick it in! Call Emilee! She is skilled with various methods of lock-picking. With her high dexterity, she will leave your lock as good as new.

Estimate: $10/hour

Information Gathering

Is there something you just have to know? Have you always wondered what goes on behind closed doors? Well, with Emilee's stealthy skills, any and every little piece of information will be yours.

WARNING: Emilee cannot be held liable for anything you come to learn that you really didn't need to know.

Estimate: $25/hour

Information Gathering

Assassination Assassination

Is there a special someone in your life that you just can't wait to get rid of? Well, Emilee will go there. With the utmost care, she will make sure that the job gets done. Note: Body disposal can be purchased with an additional fee.

Estimate: Prices vary

Some prices are negotiable. Also,Emilee is willing to do more than just the services listed above. Contact her with what you need and she will give you a quote!