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Steven GutierrezTeaching Philosophy:
Fifteen years ago, I left my career in engineering to pursue teaching and art.  Along the way I have learned many things about myself and my students, shaping me into the teacher I am today.  I find that by teaching, I not only get to help people, but I also get to feel fulfilled as a person.  I love the opportunity to be able to give the students the creative tools they need to express themselves.  In addition, working with students sparks my own creativity, which in turn gets me more excited about teaching.   

One of the ways I try to foster the students’ learning process is to make sure they have a good grasp of why they are learning what they are learning.  “Does this concept make sense?” is a question that I ask my students at least once every class.  In the computer graphics field, many students are used to following step-by-step tutorials from books (or used to following teachers that adopt a similar cookbook approach.)  Although this is a useful technique for some topics, it is imperative that teachers take the extra step to explain the concept behind a specific lesson.  If not, how will the student complete a task on his own a few years from now? The importance of understanding the concept is what I believe prepares the student for the ever-changing future of technology.  As a teacher, it is my responsibility to give my students the tools that will help them succeed in their careers, not just this class.

In order to help a diverse group of students actually achieve this success, I believe that I must be flexible as a teacher.  For instance, some of my students may be more interested...more (click here)

Student Work

Interactive Media (Note some examples require the Flash player and will not work on iPhone/iPad devices.)

Money for Education The site you just viewed was a mock site made by a fake high school graduate. The opinions within were meant to contrast with the horrible style in which it was written. Yes, the sloppy handwriting and bad grammar were intentional. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that there are probably high school (or maybe even college) graduates who would output the same level of content for a site. The state of our schools today in America is not as peachy as the site would lead you to believe. The issues brought forth are current and relevant, and deserve a second look. Rather than forcing an opinion on the viewer, the author would like to encourage the viewer to come up with his or her own. Get out there. Do some research. Check the facts. Then, come to your own conclusion. (The author just hopes it's not the same as JR's. )

[Political Commentary: this defens money is be used in much better place and skools dont need it]

Microsoft vs Apple and Linux
[Game Art: Microsoft vs Apple and Linux]

O'Brien Game
[Game Art: Conan O'Brien during NBC fiasco]

[Identity: Ninja for hire]

Project Daylight DVD
[Video Movie by Video Editing students and theater crew & DVD with special features]

how do I get
[Humor/Identity: How do I get people to like me]

[Humor/Music: Nintendo 8-bit music]

[Educational: How to fight spyware]

Science Theory
[Science Theory: Infinite Theory]

[Generative Art: Your thoughts (not live anymore, but still worth sharing snapshot)]


Computer Sculpture/3D Modeling

Dragon 3D print
[Dragon 3D printed PLA Sculpture]

Cleveland LED sculpture
[Cleveland LED 3D printed Sculpture]

Greek Structure
[Greek Structure with new species]

[iSwiss in action]

[Octopus Rapid Prototype Sculpture]

Skull CNC cut

Game Design
[Game Art Robot]

Natural Water Station
[Natural Water Station]



Menu Design
[Graphic Design assignment for real local Mexican Restaurant]

Loom Installation
[Photography/Installation with Loom]

[Photography/Physician Assistant Conference Room]

Animated Game Design (Wexner Summer Program for 10-14 year olds)

[Basketball Shooting Hoops Game - flash-based (not visible on Apple devices)]
Designed and programmed by 12 year old.



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