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Towards the Black HoleNagasaki
Juried mini-golf course exhibition at the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

This golf course touches on certain topics that inspire me.  Although I currently work as an artist, I became an Aerospace Engineer because of the wonders and paradoxes of flight.  Do wormholes exist?  Will I be able to go to Mars in my lifetime?  Will I ever be able to invent a new propulsion engine?

“Towards the Black Hole” will hopefully share some of that inspiration with fellow mini-golfers.  Players will start near the sun, and will have to
1. deal with the general gravitational pull towards the sun
(by tilting the wood floor)
2. fight against the gravitational pull of the planets
(earth keeps sucking me in)
3. attempt to enter the worm hole for a possible hole-in-one

Alas, the piece ends at the black hole where our US flag is pinned.  I hope that this flag reference will create a dialogue between our achievements in the space program versus our hopefully temporary, but understandable, pause in our space exploration program.


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