[magnifying glass] goodbye... spyware.
Spyware? Huh?
Make It Illegal

Make It Illegal

Spyware is annoying, malicious, causes a loss of productivity, is an invasion of privacy, and creates unwanted stress.

Since spyware slows down a computer and can even disable Internet connectivity, there is a definately loss of productivity. The internet is a fantastic communication tool. Spyware can make communication difficult or even impossible to happen for both businesses and people alike.

Ways that spyware gets into your computer can be downright malicious. Some spyware acts as a useful program, for example, a download accelerator when it in fact does the complete opposite and slows your connection or even disables it. Some spyware relies on people's clicking behavior to get people to accept the installation of spyware in a legal way. Somewhere embedded in the (EULA or End User License Agreement) is some language saying "hey, this program is going to install spyware". Most people are not legal analysts, don't care, or don't have the time to read through such documentation. And who should really? Sure! Spyware? I Accept..

Many people do banking online. Would you feel good doing banking online if you knew just checking your balance would leave you penniless?

Spyware is just annoying. How long have you waited for Windows to load itself PLUS any spyware or viruses you may have? How many pop-up advertisements have you clicked off over your lifetime? A hundred? A THOUSAND? How many times have you gone out of your way to access a clean computer because you couldn't write your paper, do research, or check your email on your own inoperable computer? Well you can thank your friend Spyware and his partner in crime the Virus.

But there is hope. Where viruses are usually hard to nail their creators, spyware is a different story. Many of the creators of spyware are COMPANIES for the sole purpose of profiting from your misery. And as such, laws and lawsuits can and SHOULD be made against these companies in the name of the public.

Write your local congressperson and state representatives and let them know your concerns or personal struggles with spyware.


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